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Comdial DX-80 Phone System

Grows With Your Business - Enhances Company Productivity - Increases Revenue Opportunity

Comdial DX-80 system configuration starts at 4 lines in X 8 digital station executive phones X 2 available analog ports for fax or cordless phones.

The optional Automated Attendant Module handles calls while the attendant is not available.  Example:  for sales press 1, for administration press 2, and accounting press 3.

Tenant Service.  By using tenant groups, the Comdial DX-80 can be configured to operate as if two or three systems are deployed at a single site.  Paired with the Comdial DX-80 Music-On-Hold sources, the Comdial DX-80 is capable of service multiple businesses while meeting the specific customization requirements of each business.

The optional digital voice processing card allows your office to take advantage of call recording of active calls, call screening asks the caller to say his/her name then announces the call and callers are given the option to to hold for a busy extension or leave a message.

On-board modem allows remote configuration and management of both the actual phone system and the voice processing system.  (7270c model only)

Built in caller ID provides the callers name and phone number information when available.  Caller ID service must be provided from telco provider.

Automatic fax detection allows the your company the ability to route incoming fax transmissions through the DX-80 to the fax machine reducing the cost of a separate fax line while providing your office the availability of an extra phone line to dial out on.

Automatically transfer calls off premise with a touch of a button to associates home or mobile cell phone.

Pager notification of voice mail sends a page to your associates pagers to let them know of a newly arrived voice mail message.

The Big Company Telephone Solution for Small Business
The DX-80 is a full-features telephone system offered at an extremely affordable price.  Whether you are starting out with 4 employees or already have 40 employees, the DX-80 is the sophisticated communication solution that can help your company project a positive image every time a call comes in.  So take advantage of this great opportunity to expand your communications capabilities at a price any business can afford.

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